You have worked hard for years training in football and competing. The time has come to make sure all the hard work pays off. In 2010, Livingstone College awarded $807,483 in financial aid to students at their school, including their student athletes.

If you wish to be a serious contender for a men's football scholarship at Livingstone College you should know as much about the school's football program as possible. was made to provide student athletes with the information they need to improve their odds of being recruited and receiving an athletic scholarship at Livingstone College.

Athletic Scholarship Statistics for the Livingstone College Men's Football Sports Program

Detailed Breakdown Livingstone College NCAA Division II (with football)
Average Number of Athletes - 105
Total Number of Athletes 51 15,783
Average Operating Expenses Per Player $929 $1,497
Average Operating Expenses Per Team $47,394 $150,416
Total Full Time Head Coaches 0 105
Total Part Time Head Coaches 1 46
Total Full Time Assistant Coaches 0 420
Total Part Time Assistant Coaches 6 803
Average Total Revenue $581,487 $1,042,685
Average Total Expenses $662,518 $1,032,868

Use the Livingstone College Men's Football statistics above to find out:

Number of Athletes: This shows you approximately how many student athletes are on the Livingstone College Men's Football team, which can help you determine how competitive the recruiting process is. The more positions there are the more opportunities you've got for finding Football scholarships at Livingstone College.

Average Operating Expenses Per Player: This describes just how much Livingstone College is investing in every player on their Men's Football team for things that are essential including uniforms and equipment. The amount they put money into you as a player will help determine how valuable they feel you are to the Men's Football team and the overall sports program at Livingstone College along with the level of support they provide each player.

Average Operating Expenses Per Team: This is exactly what it cost Livingstone College to operate the day-to-day operations that keep the Men's Football program working. This can give student athletes a good idea of the quality of Livingstone College's Men's Football program, facilities and training personnel. The more Livingstone College spends the higher quality you can expect to find.

Total Full and Part Time Coaches: Coaches are essential to helping you to develop your abilities and helping you keep on track athletically and academically so you can keep your Football scholarship at Livingstone College every single year. The more Men's Football coaches there are, the more likely you are to get one-on-one training and attention you need to reach your goal of graduating from Livingstone College.

Average Total Revenue: The more money Livingstone College can make off their Men's Football program the more likely they are to expand it. If the Men's Football program is more lucrative and popular Livingstone College will commit more, including the possibility of adding more players to the team and increasing what they spend on recruitment.

Average Total Expenses: Is the Men's Football program expanding or shrinking at Livingstone College? Is Livingstone College aggressively recruiting for the Men's Football team? The total expenses stat includes operating and recruiting expenses. This will give you a good idea of just how much Livingstone College is investing in their Men's Football team and recruiting players, thus whether or not Football scholarship opportunities will likely grow, keep pace or weaken at Livingstone College.

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