Athletic Scholarships

Play your way through college to pay your way through college. According to the NCAA, each year approximately $2 billion in athletic scholarships is awarded to about 145,000 student athletes in Division I and II schools alone. The benefits of athletic scholarships are substantial, but landing one of your own can be a challenge.

Increase Your Odds of Getting an Athletic Scholarship

Although getting an athletic scholarship is highly competitive, if you follow the guidelines below you'll give yourself an edge over the competition.

  • Start early. The sooner you begin putting together a plan the better, because waiting until your senior year puts you at a serious disadvantage. Ideally you want to begin your sophomore year.
  • Keep your grades up. Maintaining a good GPA makes you a more desirable college candidate all around and gives a coach confidence that you can meet the academic requirements needed to play.
  • Market yourself to get an athletic scholarship. There are a lot of high school athletes vying for scholarships. You need to make yourself stand out in the crowd with recommendations, videos and more. You may even want consider using a college sports recruiting service that can help you market yourself properly and can get you in front of coaches and recruiters.
  • Find the right colleges. Researching schools and their sports programs will help you narrow your selection of colleges down to the ones that are appropriate and increase your odds of actually receiving an athletic scholarship. Things to consider are the admission requirements as well as the quality of the academic and athletic programs.

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